Chlöe Gives Beautifully Rousing Debut Performance of Cheatback, On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With just days till Chlöe releases her highly-anticipated debut solo album, In Pieces. She hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! decked in a very stunningly beautiful black satin dress with silver glitter cutouts and matching silver glitter headpiece to give a debut performance of, Cheatback. Backed by a guitarist, the very talented singer and songwriter giving a very beautifully rousing performance of the record.

It was also the premiere of said record. Which is one of the most anticipated records from the album. That really shows off Chlöe’s beautifully amazing vocals. As she sings about wanting to cheat back on a formally unfaithful lover. But let him his own karma do him in, though she does also let him know. She has plenty of people knocking on her door. Who would gladly exact revenge for her.