Melanie Fiona Returns In A Major Way To Chicago For Sold-Out City Winery Show, Proves Why She’s Still One Of This Generations Best Performers

Melanie Fiona sways and snaps back and forth, as she performs her hit record and fan favorite, Give It To Me Right on Wednesday Feb. 7, 2018 at City Winery Chicago for the first of two sold-out performances. Photo courtesy of Phil Solomonson for Philamojaro photography

After a long hiatus Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, Melanie Fiona has returned in a major way.  Returning to Chicago at the world-renowned City Winery Chicago in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Melanie performed in front of a sold-out crowd for the first of two shows at the venue on Wednesday evening, Feb. 7th.

The first of several small intimate shows across the U.S. that started in December and will last over the next few weeks to reintroduce herself to her fan base and maybe even draw in some new fans as well.  The singer put on one heck of a show, playing a few new songs, as well as several fan favorites.

You knew you were in for a very stellar and memorable performance as soon as Melanie in a white top and black leather pants with white thigh-high boots backed by her live band came out very passionately singing and belting out the vocals to the title track, Next Train, from her upcoming highly-anticipated third album, due out later this year.  Asking the crowd, “How are you doing tonight?,” before moving back and forth, as she so easily transitioned into, I Need That.  Continuing to passionately belt out the strong lyrics, before asking, “Where’s all the sexy ladies at tonight?”  Then turning up the energy ten-fold as she went into one of the more noteworthy singles of her career thus far with, Give It To Me Right.  Snapping and giving a bunch of sass, as she really got into the performance and lyrics of the record.

The singer would then ask, “Where are all the lovers in the building at?” Then as she swayed back and forth singing her verses of her pen written Grammy Award-winning song for Cee-Lo Green, Fool For You.  Melanie going into true full artist mode in front of the mic, as she really started singing her out to show why years later she’s still one of my favorite performers and artists with her performance of, Wrong Side Of A Love Song.

She would then pull up a chair to sit-down to tell the packed sold-out crowd how she has always done records she feels can help change the world and way things are and needed at that time.  Like Change the Record off her last album, The MF Life and a new song, Love Inside from her upcoming album.  Which so performed both so beautifully acoustically.  Melanie then transitioning so seamlessly to her last hit single, Bite The Bullet, which she did after giving a rousing speech about how it was Bob Marley’s birthday yesterday and everyone’s love for Reggae.  Then really giving her all vocally, as she very passionately sang her hit single, 4am.

Leaving to end the show… nope.  As the band got everybody hyped up, Melanie then came back out to give a very passionately rousing strong as ever performance of her newest single, Remember U.  The very powerfully passionate performance of her pouring her heart out, showing why she’s easily without a doubt one of the best performers out right now.  That and her performance of her biggest record to date, It Kills Me, showing why Melanie is also one of the best vocalists of our time and will easily be remembered as one of the best of all-time once her career is done.  A career that still has a long way to go though and why her upcoming album is easily one of the most anticipated by not only me, but so many others this year as well.  This definitely isn’t the last time you will be able to see her live too.  So if you get a chance when she goes on tour again after the release of the album, be sure to get your tickets and see this amazing performer, who never disappoints and always gives 1000 % each time.  Always a performance you will remember and never forget.