Godfather Of Harlem Drop New Single, Top Tier feat. ADÉ & Symba

With the highly-anticipated third season of MGM+ very critically-acclaimed series, Godfather of Harlem. That stars the legendary, Forest Whitaker, as late and storied Harlem mob boss, Bumpy Johnson. Currently airing every Sunday.

Swizz Beatz, who curated music for each week of both seasons. Is doing so again for this newest season. Debuting a new track each Friday ahead of that Sunday’s newest episode of, Godfather of Harlem. Today delivering the brand new single, Top Tier. That finds ADÉ and Symba over the eerie Mellotrons, ANIKAN & VADER, and Dre The Mayor co-produced track. Delivering top tier rhymes about their lavish lifestyle they are now living from their rap careers. After graduating the streets.