Godfather Of Harlem & Snoop Dogg Drop New Single, Tomorrow feat. Denaun

With the third season of MGM+ very critically-acclaimed series, Godfather of Harlem. That stars the legendary, Forest Whitaker, as late and storied Harlem mob boss, Bumpy Johnson. Coming to a close with this Sunday’s very highly-anticipated and emotional season finale. That will give a very emotional depiction of one of the saddest moments in Black History. With the assassination of the late great mostly beloved, Malcolm X.

Swizz Beatz, who curated music for each week of every season up to this point. Is continuing to do so. With new music being released each Friday ahead of that Sunday’s newest episode of, Godfather of Harlem. Doing so again today in advance of the very emotional upcoming Season 3 finale with the release of new single, Tomorrow. That is a smooth Fredwreck and Mr. Porter co-produced Snoop Dogg track featuring Denaun. As he raps about all that most in the streets and even many of America’s revolutionary Black leaders had to go through, just to make it to see tomorrow. As is sung on part of the emotionally smooth chorus. With the song also set to be featured in the very emotional season finale episode.