PJ Morton Debuts Colorfully Vibrant & Joyous New Video, For Soulfully Beautiful & Joyful New Single, Good Morning feat. Susan Carol

Very talented GRAMMYs-Award winning singer, songwriter and producer, PJ Morton. Is back just in time for Valentine’s Day for all the lovers with a soulfully beautiful and joyful new single, Good Morning. That he released just this past weekend and has the perfect guest feature from Susan Carol too. The new record is the perfect grown folks music for all the lover’s. As well as those just looking for love or who are hopeless romantic’s.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Morton also debuted earlier today a colorfully vibrant and joyous new Nathan Corrona-directed accompanying video for the single. That sees Morton on a morning talk show appropriately titled, Good Morning. Were he alongside his band and Carol. Give a very beautifully soulful and vibrantly colorful joyous performance of the record. A very brilliant concept. That brings an already beautifully soulful and joyfully vibrant record even more to life with a just as colorfully beautiful and joyfully vibrant video.