Reuben Vincent Debuts Brilliantly Conceptual New Video, February 13th feat. Rapsody

Reuben Vincent dropped a very exceptionally amazing major label debut album, Love Is War, with Jamla Records and Roc Nation Records. Nearly two and a half weeks ago.

Already dropping four videos/singles from the album. Reuben is already back today with a brand new Patrick Lincoln-directed video for, February 13th. By far one of the most standout tracks on the album and perhaps even arguably the best track on the album.

The new video for the Rapsody featured track is a brilliantly conceptual one he debuted through Vevo. That finds Vincent doing things a normal couple in a relationship would do. Like playing video games and brushing their teeth together. As well as having arguments. Rapsody doing the same. As she plays basketball on a mini basketball hoop hanging on her wall and lays in bed with her man. The brilliant concept though being that both of their former significant others aren’t actually with them and instead on projectors. Both Reuben and Rapsody rapping about those past experiences of relationship and love that didn’t work out. Making it all the more brilliant for the fact that both of their past significant others aren’t actually present in the video, but fusion’s of their past that are now on projectors. Projecting something from the past.