Agallah Don Bishop Releases Triumphant New Single, Bossa

While that didn’t take long. Nearly a week and a half after dropping his hard-hitting and hardbody new single, Check (Part Deux). As well as announcing his new project, Endangered Species Protocol. That is set to drop here in 2023. Agallah Don Bishop is already back with a brand new single, Bossa.

The brand new single that is once again self-produced by Agallah. Finding the legendary veteran producer and emcee over the triumphant bossa nova-type backdrop. Rap bars such as, ”Sneak dissin’. I see you posting on the grams. See em in my DMs, hating. They big mad. Some are no longer here. Not even rolling with me. I’m Kevin Durant at the Rucker. I’m dropping over sixty. Player but a President. I’m like Michael Finley. Mike Tyson, Mike Jordan or Mike Bibby.” That are aimed at his enemies who he thought where his friends and how he has bossed up on them.