Explore & Get Lost In Prince’s First-Of-Its-Kind, Spectacularly Stunning & Immersive Experience, Prince: The Immersive Experience

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to experience the musical journey of the one they call, Prince! The legendary larger than life musical icon and musician, who brought us such forever timeless classic hits as, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Diamonds and Pearls, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy, Musicology and I Would Die 4 U. Has an immersive musical experience unlike any other you will experience with, Prince: The Immersive Experience. That made its worldwide debut here in Chicago over the Summer. But was recently extended till the end of this year.

So if you are looking to do something for just a few hours for New Year’s Eve tomorrow. I highly suggest getting tickets and checking out this one of a kind of experience before it closes. This one of a kind experience on Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue downtown. Is one that fans of Prince, new and old, or even the most in-between or casual of fan will enjoy. Me and my Mom, who I took as a Birthday/ Christmas gift. Really enjoyed the full on experience and journey you go through while inside. That takes you through 10 multidimensional spaces of the beloved musical genius. Starting with a room where you are introduced through video of what the rest of this first-of-its-kind experience is like. Before you enter a room that is a recreation of Prince’s 1984 music video for, When Doves Cry. The clawfoot tub, gorgeous stained-glass windows with a picture of Prince with a vase of purple flowers and the purple hat he wore in the video. Plus flowers strewn all around the room while the iconic song plays. Make for plenty of Instagrammable photos. Something that you’re encouraged by staff and everyone alike to do. By posting and sharing any and all photos you take, not only on Instagram. But across all social media. Which is quite ironic. Seeing how Prince wasn’t one to show and share himself outside of music as much. When he was still alive.

Other highlights of the Prince experience. Includes indulging in Prince’s origin story in, The Beautiful Ones’ room. Where you are shown on the walls and on a virtual display. Some of the many facts about Prince and his upbringing, as well as connections to his hometown of Minneapolis before he released his first album, For You. On April, 7, 1978. Walls of all his albums with their tracklisting and information are lined up before you enter a set recreation of Prince’s Paisley Park Studio A. Where you can mix Prince’s hit, Let’s Go Crazy. While also taking photos of the couch or even on the couch. As well as checking out a replica of the legendary MPC3000. That Prince worked with his longtime collaborator, Kirk Johnson, to create countless drum patterns, beats and samples on. You can also enter Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls era. By entering the dark and sensual space that features the oversized candelabras that dimly light the room with giant hand torches from the, Gett Off, music video. As well as the iconic tongue chair from that video. As you are once again encouraged by staff to create your own unique photo ops. Where they even take your photos for you.

From a much closer look of his iconic wardrobe in the Costume Hall to a room filled with his several legendary guitars and an epic experiential dance room with a DJ playing his hits. That was a recreation of the several famed dance clubs he had and owned when he was alive. To the spectacular great empty hallway filled with lights that truly made the experience even more unforgettable. There is plenty to explore throughout the experience. But by far the biggest highlight. As most would probably guess. Is the room where you step into the very luminous and stunning world of Prince through the set recreation of his legendary, Purple Rain, album cover. As you explore the iconic Minneapolis street scene and of course a replica of Prince’s signature legendary motorcycle from both, the album and movie.

Like I previously stated this very immersive and spectacular experience. That also includes a shop when you first enter the building. To buy both, Prince and one of its kind, Prince The Immersive Experience merchandise. Either before or after you are done with the experience. Make everything well worth the time of this spectacularly stunning and amazing experience. The experience itself taken at least an hour. A lot of times even more than an actual hour. Depending on how much you take your time in each room while exploring this one-of-a-kind experience. That I’m sure will eventually hit several other cities as well. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised to be seen done eventually on several since passed iconic music figures. Besides just, Prince.