Crook & Joell Reveal New Logo & Release New Single, HEATWAVE

KXNG CROOKED & Joell Ortiz are on the verge of releasing their second album this year. With the very highly-anticipated, Harbor City: Season One. That’s set to release in the next few hours and is the follow up to their mostly critically-acclaimed collaboration album, Rise & Fall of Slaughterhouse.

The duo revealing their new logo and group name of, Crook & Joell. Released a brand new single, HEATWAVE. To hold fans over till the album drops. The new single along with its accompanying Eric Herbert-directed video. Finding the duo sitting at a table and performing their stellar back-and-forth rhymes from the track. Such as, “Battling through the slums of the harbor with the gunners and robbers. Suites and ties. Crucial ties to underground farmers. Scum running around lawless. While running for office. District attorneys in the caucus. Gunning for bosses. N***as is dying. Taking fake Percocet. The block’s hotter than eight turtlenecks. Take murder threats serious with tuberous rape burn a dent. You didn’t believe her. Now he is an actor, shooter. After school and cop’s ain’t murk him yet. Cause of his skin tone. If that was me I would have been gone. Bleeding the blood of George Floyd all over my gemstone’s. Brim blown and my head was redder than Jim Jones with Timbs on. That’s why I spit it like Pac spilling his guts. When the glock’s drilling. It feel like you got hit with a bus. I’m Godzilla in Chucks. He’s King Kong in some Timberland’s. N***as be talking sh*t, but the top killer’s is us.” To show the undeniably seamless chemistry between the two and why they are still some of the best lyricists and emcee’s alive.