Jade Novah Debuts Stunningly Colorful & Dynamic New Video, Trip

Over the past several years. Jade Novah has shown she is not only a very talented singer and songwriter, but actress, as well as comedian. It seems there is virtually nothing this multi-talented superstar hyphenate can’t do.

Novah once again showing this with her stunningly colorful and dynamic new Rafael Gutierrez-directed video for, Trip. The latest single from her very amazing latest critically-acclaimed EP, Moon in Pisces. That she premiered through BET Soul earlier today.

The video opening with Novah donning a very stunning white wintery ensemble as she goes through a trip of a wintery forest. Before switching to a scorching red outfit with orange hair. As one of many other stunning costume ensembles she wears throughout the visual. That includes as the famous and iconic Queen Nefertiti and in a very colorful floral outfit. In a forest of colorful matching flowers. Novah taking a trip through a wintery forest to a green forest. As well as a volcanic eruption and Egypt. While so elegantly and effortlessly singing the catchy and magical lyrics. With her majestically ethereal vocals. For the out of this world majestic romantic anthem. That will have you feeling like you are on a blissful trip to a dream state of musical heaven you don’t want to leave. The many fun and colorful ensembles and journey of different places. Really bringing the lyrics even more to life and making you feel like you truly are on a road trip to an ethereal musical heaven. You hope lasts forever and will have you glued from beginning to end as you watch the very magically stunning new visual.