Black Soprano Family (Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & ElCamino) Debut New Video/Single, 297 Parkside feat. Stove God Cooks

Earlier this month Benny the Butcher and his Black Soprano Family label/crew. Of Heem and Rick Hyde delivered their new DJ Premier-produced single, Times Is Rough. As well as announcing their new compilation album, Long Live DJ Shay. In honor of the late great DJ Shay.

Now as we are just two weeks away from the album’s release date on Sept. 9th. Benny and his B$F crew are back with their newest single, 297 Parkside. That sees Rick Hyde and the crew’s newest official member, ElCamino. Taking it to the streets for the new Camoflauge Monk-produced track featuring Stove God Cooks.

The accompanying Tony Deniro, Phresh Vision and Zach Warren Films co-directed video which was also debuted through Vevo. Finding footage from their recent shows. As well as ElCamino and Rick Hyde with Stove God Cooks spitting the bars and hook from a rooftop alongside Benny. As well as members of their crew and a bevy of luxury cars.