Mikhala Jené Debuts Cinematic New Video For Beautifully Soulful & Vulnerable New Single, Human Nature

After a little over two years hiatus. Very amazing singer and songwriter, Mikhala Jené. Returns with her beautifully soulful and passionate new Deputy-produced single, Human Nature. That is a partial ode to the late great Michael Jackson’s all-time classic of the same name and also comes on the heels of her signing a new joint venture deal with the legendary and iconic, Def Jam Recordings.

Jené also debuting through Vevo yesterday. A masterfully cinematic and amazing new Chad Tennies-directed accompanying video. That opens with a snake in the beginning invoking danger. As Mikhala enters the mansion in an all white suit top with matching skirt and black heels to go with hoop earrings. To panning to her laying down doing sensual movements in a black sheer silk dress. As well as up against a hallway in a shimmering beige body suit. Doing sensual and sexy movements as well. Before arriving at the table she sits at in an all black dress. With the snake slithering on the table. As she sings with such passion and conviction the vulnerable lyrics. About facing the danger’s we can’t let go of in love because of our human nature. To always run back to danger. The snake. A double entendre representing the danger we always run back to. That makes you think and realize how masterful and amazing the concept from both Jené and director Chad Tennies truly is. In bringing this very beautiful and amazingly vulnerable record to life even more.

The record that is also Jené’s well deserved major label debut. Also shows once again why as I have previously stated numerous times. That she is not only among the best artists and greatest voices in R&B and Soul right now. But in my humble opinion. Among the true top 10-15, if not higher artists in all of music at the moment. That truly makes true to the core of the art music and truly puts the ART in artist.