New Tia London – Nothing Lasts Forever

After a very long hiatus from one of my favorite not only R&B/Soul singer/songwriters in Chicago, physician but music period, hospital Traxster Inc artist Tia London returns with her latest single, Nothing Lasts Forever. As over the very thumping and amazing production from fellow Chicagoan and legendary producer, The Legendary Traxster, Tia reminds us how nothing will last forever and is only temporary. With her very soulful vocals over the Traxster-production, she gives us a very memorable hook, that questions how long she can wait for a former lover. While also insuring with her very strong lyrical performance that change will happen, the very inspiring record, also sounds very similar to ones you would hear played so many times on the radio in the 90?s for just be such great R&B records. Ones that would still inspire others and be a light of optimism for those people who were feeling down today. To hear the very amazing and moving record from the great singing/production duo of Tia London and The Legendary Traxster, you can listen below.  If you like the music that much and want to support such great music, as well as indy artist, the record can also be purchased on iTunes here.