J.I.D Debuts Cinematically Crazy & Chaotic New Video, For New Single, Dance Now feat. Kenny Mason

With his long-awaited and highly-anticipated third solo album, The Forever Story. Finally getting a release date of later this month on, Aug. 26th. Dreamville Records and Spillage Village rep, J.I.D. Delivers his newest single, Dance Now featuring Kenny Mason.

J.I.D also a little over an hour ago. Debuting through Vevo. The cinematically crazy and chaotic accompanying Trey Lyons-directed video for the bouncy Christo and Aviad co-produced track. That opens with J.I.D laying in his bed in his room. Before it transports him to laying on a sofa in the middle of the streets of his Atlanta hometown. Where kids are seen running and a prostitute is seen accepting money from a pimp. As well as somebody getting jumped and robbed. Elsewhere a stripper at a club is shown dancing on a strip pole. As well as a preacher preaching in the streets. Before a chaotic fire breaks out and all hell breaks loose.

All of this showing the many various good, bad and chaotic sides of Atlanta. As well as a bunch of various chaotic under toning messages and themes. About people doing things that can be seen as “dancing with the devil.” That J.I.D raps about on the track. Continue to happen in and around all of Atlanta. Throughout the very crazy and chaotic visual.

The really greatly captured cinematography by the director throughout the video. Of all the various crazy and chaotic narrative’s and theme’s. Really helping bring J.I.D’s just as crazy and chaotic narrative’s, theme’s, lyrics and storytelling on the track even more to life.