Cordae Drops Very Reflective New Twist-Turning Kid Culture-Produced Single, Multi-Platinum

Cordae gets reflective and kicks knowledge on an emcee who’s path is similar to his, but commits suicide. On his just newly released Kid Culture-produced single, Multi-Platinum.

Which sees Cordae over the cinematic horns backdrop. Spit such dope storytelling lyrics as, “Still dealin’ with this childhood trauma while on his tour. Signed for five albums, one million dollars, but wanted more. Dishonest lawyers and terrible managers made him sure. That everything was okay, but we heard this story before. So I bring it way back to beginning, which is the endin’. Of this parable I gave you. I feel like it needed attention. Mansion was rented, accountant underhanded his business. Said “Fuck it all”, he might as well end it.” That shows why Cordae is not only among the best emcees and lyricists, but storytelling emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now.

The single comes just days before Cordae is set to be here in Chicago too. For his second ever Lollapalooza appearance and performance.