Lollapalooza 2022 Preview

A dozen years since they last played Lollapalooza in 2010. It has been a long time since Green Day performed at the world-renowned music festival, which takes place in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. That they will be one of the main headliners for the upcoming 2022 edition of the festival. One of upwards of six acts making their third Lollapalooza appearance of their career. That includes fellow headliners Metallica, J. Cole and Dua Lipa. As well as Charli XCX and Tove Lo. With Cole actually set to make his fourth performance at Lollapalooza. With just a little over a week and a half till the gates at Grant Park open and all the madness ensues. The speculation really starts to begin on who can be brought out as special surprise guests like there has been throughout the years.

Looking at this year’s lineup. There probably wouldn’t be as much guest surprises as in previous years. With three or four names coming up. That I wouldn’t be surprised to see pop up one or even two times during that final weekend in July. Which is very talented R&B/Soul singer and songwriter Jhené Aiko. Plus another Los Angeles native, DJ Mustard. As well as of course homegrown Chicago products, Chance the Rapper and G Herbo. Chance one of those artists who despite not being on the lineup. There’s always a chance of him popping up as a surprise guest in his hometown. Giving his history of being at four of the last seven Lollapalooza’s. Whether he was on the actual lineup or not. You know that it is always a possibility and with longtime friend and collaborator, Peter Cottontale. Set to perform on Sunday. You know that opens up possibilities even more. For an appearance from Chance. The recently pregnant Jhené. A good possibility to pop up during her boyfriend, Big Sean’s performance that Saturday. You are almost certain with their long history of collaborations and friendship. That Mustard will pop up during YG’s set. Which is also on Saturday. That Saturday also having a slight chance of Chicago’s very own G Herbo, popping up as a surprise performance during Lil Durk’s set. With their great history of collaboration together in recent years.

If Lollapalooza festival goers are expecting any more surprise guests throughout that last weekend of July. I unfortunately really don’t see too much more really being a possibility though outside of that. Unless they are of the big cross-performance variety of other performers bringing out performers already scheduled to perform at Lolla. Which honesty probably more often times than not happens more. Than performers bringing out special surprise performers that aren’t on the lineup at all. The biggest possibilities of such performances happening being that Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th of Lolla. When Big Sean could possibly bring out YG, who also plays earlier in the day that Saturday. With YG himself also possibly bringing out Sean Don himself earlier in the day. That Saturday could also see Chicago’s own Lil Durk bring Don Toliver out during his set to perform their Fast 9 collaboration, Fast Lane. With the possibility of Toliver actually doing it before Durk. By bringing Durk out to perform said collaboration. During his Friday night set. Speaking of Friday, Cordae could possibly bring out Durk too. During his afternoon set to perform their somewhat recent collaboration, Choronicles. Durk himself also not only possibly bringing out Toliver, but Cordae and Lil Baby during his Saturday afternoon set. With not only the latter two’s history of many collaborations, but even releasing a collaboration album, The Voice of the Heroes. Just last year. Making it a strong possibility they appear during each others perspective sets and/or one. At least appearing to perform during the others set.

Whether they happen, big name or even small name. Guest surprises, or maybe even none at all. I think this is honestly, though not as great as some of the very stellar lineups of year’s past. Sill a pretty decent lineup. Where there should as there’s every year. Some really amazing performances scheduled to perform. Such as Metallica, Green Day, J. Cole, Big Sean, Jazmine Sullivan, Tinashe, and Cordae. Among others that will definitely make it worth being there.