38 Spesh & Ransom Release Cinematically Gritty New Single, Last Gasp

When it comes to some of the best bars and production being released in Hip-Hop right now. 38 Spesh and Ransom. As well as their TRUST crew are definitely near the top. Ransom consistently showing why he is one of the illest lyricists and emcee’s alive. While Spesh shows why he is both a monster on the boards and mic. For what I like to call, “cinematic certified street gritty raps and bars.” Which is what they both deliver on their brand new single, Last Gasp.

The cinematic brand new Mayor, Ty Jamz and Bernard B. Woodside co-produced track. Finding both emcee’s delivering those cinematic certified street gritty bars. With introspective raps about overcoming the pain and obstacles. They did in the streets. That has them also weighing the legacy they will leave not only in the streets, but booth. Before their, last breaths.

The new single will also serve as the lead single. For Spesh’s upcoming new project, 7 Shots. He will be releasing in a little over a month on Aug. 19th.