Elcamino Debuts Personal New Video, Lauryn Would Love This

Nearly two weeks after, Elcamino, dropped his new album, Let There Be Light. As well as the Zach Warren-directed video for, Deep.

The Buffalo emcee returns today with another new Zach Warren-directed video. This time for the personal closing track, Lauryn Would Love This. That shows off Elcamino’s versatility to both rap and sing on something so personal. So it’s only right he gives a personal visual as well. Which sees him with his woman. As he raps and sings about all the highs and lows of his relationship with her.

The personal new video also showing, Elcamino, at times by himself. To get fresh air and a fresh perspective. Many may not have caught that Elcamino also debuted the new video today on legendary rapper, singer and songwriter, Lauryn Hill’s 47th birthday. Since the track was inspired from Ms. Hill. To show how versatile Elcamino can be both, rapping and singing as well.

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