Agallah Don Bishop Takes It Back To New York, On New Single, N.Y.R.M 2

Nearly a month and a half after dropping his fire latest single, The Fire. Legendary producer and emcee, Agallah Don Bishop returns today with his newest single, N.Y.R.M 2. Off his upcoming highly-anticipated newest solo album, The Year of the Tiger. Which drops a couple of weeks from today. On May 24th.

The brand new single from Agallah. Finding the Brooklyn Brownsville-bred veteran repping all his love for his hometown of New York. With lyrics like, “Where Hip-Hop started, but it failed to support. Every rapper wanna be gangster. And try to extort. It is true legendary cats. Who have been putting it on. But nobody coming close to even touching the Don.” As well as, “Wu-Tang Killa Bees. I come with a swarm.” Hitting home even more for his fellow New York bred emcee’s, producers and Hip-Hop heads.