Rockie Fresh Drops 2 New Fresh Fridays EP1SONICS-Produced Tracks, Birthday Freestyle & Saw It Coming

Chicago emcee, Rockie Fresh, continues his recent Fresh Fridays. Weekly drops. By dropping not one, but two new EP1SONICS-produced tracks this week. For his latest edition of the weekly Friday series.

First up, Birthday Freestyle. That sees Rockie over the very upbeat production. Bragging about all the different places he has lived and just an overall braggadocios track. From the Chicago native. Where he just brags and takes his ish as he should for a track. That is really about him getting ready to celebrate his 31st birthday tomorrow too. Which is also why he’s probably giving us two Fresh Fridays tracks. This week.

His other, Fresh Fridays track, Saw It Coming. Finding Rockie over the very soulfully slow-moving drums and synths. Rapping and singing. About all the different ways he sees and wants to spend time with a significant other woman.