Ransom Drops Soulful New Single, Circumstances feat. The Game, Announces New Album, No Rest For The Wicked

Ransom, is easily one of the best emcee’s and lyricists in Hip-Hop right now. Really being among the best for nearly the last decade plus. But not getting his proper flowers till in recent years. Thanks to the high influx of lyrically great street emcee’s like Griselda, 38 Spesh and his Trust label/crew, Eto and his New Crack Era crew. As well as Flee Lord and his LordMobb crew/label. To name a few. That have really taken over Hip-Hop within almost that same time frame.

The influx of critically-lauded material that Ransom has dropped over the past two to three years. Which includes Director’s Cut Scene 2 and 3, Deleted Scenes, Crime Scenes, Se7en, Heavy Is the Head and his collaboration album with Griselda’s own, Rome Streetz, Coup de Grâce. Also helping raise the veteran New Jersey-bred emcee’s profile.

It doesn’t appear Ransom will be slowing down anytime soon either. As today he releases his soulful new Nicholas Craven-produced single, Circumstances. That features veteran emcee, The Game. Also serving as the lead single for Ransom’s just announced upcoming new solo album, No Rest For the Wicked. That is scheduled to drop at the end of the month and a little over two weeks on, April 29th.

Ransom’s new single. Finding him and Game over Craven’s very soulful production. Rapping about the hard circumstances they have had to endure throughout their life. To get to where they currently are in both, Hip-Hop and their lives in general. That many others in the hoods they grew up in never reach.

Most that grew up in the streets and urban parts of cities. Really likely to relate to such lyrics as, “Every Black male is in jail and all our women is crazed. They say you blessed if you live to this age. Either you livin’ amazed or you just live in a maze. I’m in no position to gauge. What I’m pursuing is great, but everybody dies with food on they plate. Just nod your head if you, too. Can relate.” From Ransom. Or even The Game. At the end of his verse saying, “You think I made it to 42 by luck, n***a? Jackie Robinson jersey matchin’ my journey through life.”