Skyzoo Drops Soulfully Jazzy New Single, St. James Liquors feat. Aaria

Skyzoo is easily one of the best emcees and lyricists in all of Hip-Hop right now. Really, if we are being truthful. He low key has been among the best for almost the last decade. Skyzoo’s very smooth and lyrically conscious rhymes always keeping everyone on their feet.

So it should be no surprise that such is the case with the Brooklyn-bred emcee’s newest single, St. James Liquors. A very soulfully jazzy boom-bap backed track produced by Kenny Keys. That finds Skyzoo rapping about all the stuff he seen growing up in the BK that inspired him to want to rap. From popping bottles and sipping liquor to shooting dice. As well as seeing the rise of the late great Notorious B.I.G. and his crew, Junior Mafia literally living a block away from him growing up. Rising new soulful singer, Aaria, adding the just perfect touch with her very soulful hook.

Following lead single, Bed-Stuy is Burning. This is the second single from Skyzoo’s highly-anticipated newest solo album, All the Brilliant Things. That drops on June 11th. Which is shaping up to be a real good album that also drops a couple of days before my birthday.