Reuben Vincent Delivers New Video/Single, Andy Milonakis

I just seen longtime JAY-Z DJ and studio engineer, Young Guru. Yesterday posting on Instagram about, Jamla Records and Roc Nation emcee, Reuben Vincent. So today I decided to actually check out the JamRoc rep’s new twentyfive shots-directed video. For his new Khrysis and sndtrak co-produced single, Andy Milonakis. That Guru was posting about.

Let’s just say I am glad I did. Cause Vincent is not only a breath of fresh air on the mic. But with lyrics like, “Grew up with no Pops. I ain’t know how to listen. Now I got your ears, Holyfield.” As well as, “See n***as die for dumb, out of the slums. Trying to Jordan Peele. Pocket, Jada, the best. Can hold you against your Will.” Shows why he has such clever wordplay and bars. That will have him around for years and generations to come.