KXNG CROOKED Delivers New Video/Single, Schea Cotton

Westcoast and Hip-Hop legend, as well as one of the greatest lyricis and emcees to ever touch a mic. KXNG CROOKED returns with his brand new video/single, Schea Cotton.

Filmed in a garage and backed by a band. It finds the Long Beach native and C.O.B. leader. In a bucket hat giving homage to the old-school of Run-DMC and LL Cool J. As he gives nothing but straight bars of knowledge, great metaphors and lyricism. That we have come to continuously expect from him and show why he’s not only arguably the greatest rapper/emcee alive.

But with the backing band providing the perfect compliment to his lyrical wizardry. Such as, “I really love this sh**. Imagine if rap was my grandfather. Imagine my disappointment in Afrika Bambaataa. But fvck it, I’m back on the track. Massacre, manslaughter. The van guard of this art. Cause I happen to rap harder than asphalt in the black part of town. Where them rounds just crack armor. I’m strapped when I am relaxing in bath water. It’s Crook, Long Beach Mount Rushmore. You decide the other three, but it’s us four. Who did it better for 20 years, plus more?” Showing once again why he’s one of the greatest emcees of all-time. And if he isn’t at least in your top five emcees of all-time, why isn’t he? Especially when you can argue he should be even higher.