7xvethegenius Drops Very Aggressive Debut Drumwork Single, Break Soul

Conway the Machine and Griselda look to expand their stranglehold on Hip-Hop. With his Griselda crew and labelmate Benny the Butcher starting his own label/crew in the Black Soprano Family.

Conway also started his own label as well. With Drumwork Music Group. That consists of Jae Skeese and 7xvethegenius. The first release from the label being Conway’s critically-acclaimed and highly-anticipated debut album, From King to a GOD. That was released back in September and even a deluxe version of the album in December before the end of last year. With Skeese and 7xvethegenius being featured on the deluxe version.

While today 7xvethegenius. Pronounced, Love the Genius. Becomes the first release outside of Conway for the label. With her very aggressive bar-heavy debut single for the label, Break Free. That has her over the very aggressive hard-hitting boom-bap beat spitting such standout bars as, “I’m new here, but I’m aiming at throne. Speak to my n***a everyday, but it ain’t on the phone. He know they listening. A loose lip, six feet deep. Socially distant. Trying to do different like let’s see how that is hittin’.” Also, “My brain works like this. I’m getting rid of hella pain with a verse like this. Who knew music and a chain would be cursed, like b*^#h. You know Lucifer had his wings, then he up and switched. And I got flyer everyday, as I get rich. And I hear what these b*^#h’s say. But it’s not like this.”

The Buffalo emcee showing and proving as the first artist from the label with the new single. That Che Noir isn’t the only dope female emcee out of their hometown on the rise. That not only Buffalo, but all of Hip-Hop should be looking out for.