One-2 Brings Out Piranha Like Bars, On Vicious New Single, Piranhas

Westcoast emcee, One-2, brings out piranha like bars on his very vicious new single, Piranhas. That sees him over the very thumping and menacing keys backdrop. Bring vicious killer bars such as, “Death to the nonbelievers who thought that he would fall. I done been through the worse. But persevered through the punches. Worse aveered. I took a pinch and learned to quench my thirst with tears. All glory to God. Made it out victorious. Went to war with the odds. And fought like warriors. Through street’s with murky waters. Where creatures are vicious. Some made it out, while others fell asleep with the fishes.” That shows why the Los Angeles native is still among the most lyrical emcees to ever touch a mic.