Willie The Kid & V Don Drop Cinematically Soulful New Single, Mother of Pearls feat. Eto

A little over a month ago after a surprisingly relatively quite year up to that point. Willie the Kid released his highly-anticipated latest solo album, Capital Gains.

One of the best not only Hip-Hop albums, but albums to drop regardless of genre here in 2020. Midwest Willie would release the Orges Bakalli-directed video for, Egregious. Only days after releasing the album.

Perhaps looking to make up for lost time. Willie is back today with his very cinematically soulful new V Don-produced track, Mother of Pearls. The lead single from his sure to be highly-anticipated new collaboration project with V Don, Deutsche Marks 2. That is set for a Nov. 27th release date and is a follow up to their very stellar 2018 collaboration album, Deutsche Marks.

The new single also pairing Willie and V Don together with another longtime collaborator in Eto. Showing why all three are among the best emcees and producers in all of Hip-Hop right now. Standout verses such as, “They waited until the iron got hot. I got it hot, striking. Look at OG now. Wanted to be a lot like him. Met homie last week and they just smoked him. I ain’t never met a hunter who died hiking. Kill him for a meal. Pats asked me why I’m standing up. I told them a prayer is bigger than a kneel. What good are head shots if you don’t sit him on his heel. Quality over quantity. Pippen or Shaquille.” From Eto. Showing why he’s among the best emcees.