Agallah Don Bishop Releases New Single, Darona Part 2

Releasing his project, Darona, back in April. Legendary New York-bred producer and emcee, Agallah Don Bishop. Who has had quite a 2020 and first year of the new decade. Continues his very busy and successful year.

Agallah Don Bishop today releasing a followup to Darona’s title track. With, Darona 2. Where Agh raps about everything from his dedication to not only this year, but throughout his career in Hip-Hop. Also giving his opinions briefly on the current pandemic due to the “Rona,” and how it has effected him. As well as so many others.

Like virtually almost all of his tracks. It’s self-produced by Agallah. Who cleverly incorporates a part of Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, 8:46. As a sample of the track. You know the track had to have been recorded yesterday or today too. As Agallah name drops legendary Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek. Who passed away just yesterday from not the Rona, but health problems due to pancreatic cancer.