Elijah Blake Calls On Keyshia Cole For, Soulfully Passionate & Emotional, Bad Liar Remix

Nearly a month and a half after dropping his very soulfully passionate and powerful new single, Bad Liar. That tackles mental health awareness. Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Elijah Blake, is back with the just as soulfully passionate and powerful remix of the song. That sees him calling on his longtime collaborator and friend, Keyshia Cole. Who shows once again why she has one of the most emotionally beautiful voices ever and was perfect for such an emotionally passionate record. Especially the way Blake and Cole’s voices complement each other so well together.

Keyshia Cole having the following to say in a statement about how great the song is and her working relationship with Blake. That has also made them so inseparable outside of music as well. “We’ve been working together since the, Woman to Woman, album and have been inseparable ever since! I truly feel this song and the message it conveys could not have come at a more appropriate time than now and I’m happy to be a part of it with my brother.”

For those suffering with mental illness or know anybody who does and needs help. Elijah Blake’s official website has also now become a mental health resource hub for those in need too.