Problem Drops, Don’t Be Mad At Me Remix ft. Snoop Dogg & Freddie Gibbs

Back towards the end of May, multi-talented emcee, artist and producer, Problem, released his latest solo album, Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1. Releasing prior to that in April, the very mesmerizing and hypnotic DJ Kai and Miles Rose co-produced lead single, Don’t Be Mad At Me. While today the Compton native returns with the remix for said record featuring longtime mentor and collaborator, Snoop Dogg. As well as one of the hottest emcees now and of the last decade-plus, who has also been a longtime collaborator and friend, Freddie Gibbs.

Problem having the following to say in a statement about the new remix, “Freddie has been my dawg since we first started. He was on Mollywood 1 & 3. Snoop is a king. Any time he grants me with his presence, I honor it. I appreciate what these two bring to the game. And it was fun taking them out of their element.”

Problem also adding, “I want this song to help couples get through these tough quarantine times together. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Being the bigger person is the key. The song was actually recorded as a real apology. I was wrong about something we had a small argument about and instead of just saying sorry, I went and did the song and sent it to her. It worked lol.”