Jon Connor Is Blacker Than Black, In Creatively Powerful New Video, Black ft. Sister Tour

Flint, Michigan emcee Jon Connor, put out what’s still one of the best albums to drop so far this year in, SOS. Back at the end of April. Now nearly a month and a half later, Connor is putting out the first official video from the album. With one of the albums best tracks, Black. That finds him rapping about celebrating Black culture and condemning those who make life a living hell for Black America. Connor gets creative for the visual by having illustrator Nate Walkington help him put together a very creatively illustrated one. Which sees the emcee getting pulled over, as well as showing the various other ways Blacks are condemned in America he raps about in the song. While also showing the celebration of Black culture. Such as jumping rope and protesting to fight the powers that be to rise up, that both he and Sister Tour rap about on the track to uplift their people as well.