Kelvin Harrison Jr. Steals The Show In Inspiringly Feel-Good & Uplifting New Movie, The High Note

Heartwarming, inspiring and an emotionally, funny feel-good story. The High Note, a story set in the dazzling world of the Los Angeles music scene about aging superstar Grace Davis. Whose talent and ego have reached unbelievable heights only her new assistant Maggie Sherwoode, can handle. Is the type of feel-good, go for your dreams. No matter what anybody tells you, musical movie. We all need in these crazy and chaotic times that can inspire many of us at a time so many of us truly need something so enjoyable and inspiring.

While the story isn’t so much about Grace’s character played by the great, Tracee Ellis Ross. As many, myself included, would’ve thought from the synopsis and what many of the trailers made it seem. Being more so about Dakota Johnson’s character, Maggie. Grace’s overworked personal assistant, who is a lifelong admirer of her and really great at her job. But at the same time aspires to be so much more in wanting to be a music producer.

Ellis Ross and Johnson, both do rather excellent jobs in their roles though and really show the true embodiment of their characters quite well. While at the same time complimenting each other quite nicely. With Ellis Ross, showing despite many probably wanting to compare her to her famous mother. She can hold her own singing pretty well too, in her first singing acting role. Making Davis not a full-blown diva, but a true original so many can truly love.

Speaking of musical talent. Kelvin Harrison Jr. practically steals the movie and is the real standout star with how likeable he’s as David Cliff. A grocery store singer. Who like so many of the characters in the film. Is fighting to be so much more to reach the goal and passion they aspire to be. But have to keep fighting all their insecurities they have to get to their dream of where they want to be. With Tracee’s and Harrison’s characters adding for a nice subplot twist at the end, myself and many others didn’t really see coming too.

The music itself really good and carrying a lot of the film. With such a stellar soundtrack that even sees Ellis Ross making her singing debut with the very great and phenomenally catchy, Love Myself. That’s the theme song of the movie, as well as the lead single for the soundtrack, that was released in conjunction with the movie on Friday, May 29th.

Ice Cube as Jack Robertson. Grace’s longtime manager and friend in a somewhat serious role. Was pretty funny and always on point at just the right moments. While Zoë Chao and June Diane Raphael were definite scene-stealers for sure too. Playing Maggie and Davis roommates, Katie and Gail. In a film that definitely had quite a few funny one-liners to make you have a few laughs at a time so many of us need more joy, peace and something to laugh at.

The storyline of romance and friendships and how they can really bring out the best in one another added a nice touch. As well as how they touched on the conflicts of race, age and gender equality. Subjects that so many of us can all relate to as well too. Which is why seeing the ending, which I wouldn’t reveal for those who have yet to see it. Was so very touching, heartwarming, and inspiringly uplifting at a time so many of us need to see. Showing that fighting for your dreams and what you want for yourself is well worth it. Especially if those dreams are something that truly makes you happy and give you the joy and peace, we all seek in life.