Nicole Bus Releases New Song, Police, In Honor Of George Floyd & Those Facing Racial Discrimination

With one of the most powerful and big shot voices in all of R&B/Soul right now. Rising breakout Dutch singer and songwriter, Nicole Bus, who last year dropped one of the best albums of the last decade and better debut albums you will ever hear with, KAIROS.  

Is one of the most perfect candidates to bring out all the emotions, pain and hurt so many in the black community have felt for centuries. With all the injustices and racial discriminations they have faced. That was only brought over the edge with what recently happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Which she did with her very powerful almost Reggae infused new record, Police. That she said she wrote two years ago and is unfortunately still relevant, as she now released it this past weekend. If you want to help Floyd and victims like him. You can:

  1. Text Police to 19563827464.
  2. Fill in the first superphone form get the song and petition and after that share with the world.