Jess Connelly Is On Love Lockdown In Aesthetically Stunning, Pleasing & Lovely New Video, Lock

Jess Connelly, is easily one of the more talented and standout voices of the great new crop of R&B/Soul singers that has emerged over the past several years.  Only seeming to get better with her art/music and truly putting the ART in artist with each new release.  Whether a song, video or project, that trend continues with Connelly’s latest new release, the David Camarena-directed video for, Lock, which she premiered late last night.

Arguably the best record on her latest project and EP, ATM, she released back in October of last year.  It’s at the very least, if not her best record on said project, the second best one and easily one of the best songs of her short, but already amazing career.  So it’s only right it get the visual treatment.  With the new video like so many of Connelly’s other music videos so far, so aesthetically pleasing, stunning and lovely in the way it truly shows off her very smooth and angelic vocals to go with her just as lovely and simply beautiful angelic beauty.

The way that the very beautifully talented singer and Camarena were able to capture the amazing and chill vibe of the record by showing how chill and great Jess herself is when on lockdown, like so many of us right now, really truly helping bring the record even more to life.  Couldn’t have come at a more perfect time with how much we can all relate to that right now.  That red lipstick from Jess so lovely and everything too.  That really helps in the way she along with Camarena were able to truly capture and bring this very calmingly smooth amazing record to life and truly put the ART in artist.