Andra Day Releases Poignant New Single, Tigress & Tweed

A couple of weeks after releasing her very stunning cover of Billie Holiday’s, All of Me. GRAMMY Award-nominated singer and songwriter, as well as activist and actress, Andra Day is back with another new single, Tigress & Tweed, from the upcoming highly-anticipated motion picture movie, The United States vs. Billie Holiday. An upcoming biopic centering on the late great singer, which will debut as a Hulu Original film on February 26th. That Day stars as Holiday in.

The very poignant and thought-provoking, as well as very timely new original song from Day. That she co-wrote with musical icon Raphael Saadiq will not only be featured in the closing credits for the film, but on the soundtrack for the film as well. Day and her signature powerful vocals, militantly addressing the state of our nation on the track with such lyrics as, “Strange fruit come down off the tree. Cut it down under your feet. Juicy fruit so bittersweet. Fruit stand tall, these roots go deep. Strange fruit bustin’ on these leaves. Ancestors don’t take defeat. Left the scent of victory. In the air tigress and tweed.”

An ode of sorts to Holiday’s classic, Strange Fruit. That Day in a statement said she feels this record is a more evolved version of. Stating, “If Billie Holiday were with us now, I believe she’d want to see Strange Fruit evolved. If Strange Fruit was a call to awareness, Tigress & Tweed is a call to action because she laid the groundwork. Raphael Saadiq sent the perfect track and the lyrics finally came to me like a flood after a prayer one day. I hope people are strengthened by Truth and Love when they hear it.”

You can look forward to both the soundtrack and film from Day within the next month. As well as several more magazine, website features, performances and music throughout the rest of the year and what should be a pretty tremendously good year for the very talented singer and songwriter, as well as activist here in 2021. That has already started the year pretty eventfully by gracing the covers of Variety Magazine and V Magazine. As well as performing at President Biden’s Inauguration.