Sinéad Harnett Debuts Romantically Cinematic New Video, Be The One Remix ft. Col3trane

Rising singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett, is easily one of the most standout artists among the current great group of R&B/Soul artists that has truly emerged over the past several years to show what great talent there is in the genre right now.  A personal favorite of mine and so many others, she dropped her timeless masterpiece debut album, Lessons in Love, last Fall.

While earlier today she returned to the album by making a personal favorite of mine and so many others from the album, Be the One.  Into a remix and full song featuring fellow rising London singer, Col3trane.  Debuting through Vevo the very romantic and cinematic new accompanying Dir. Lx-directed video for the very beautifully soothingly smooth record that was originally only an interlude on an album.  The record really showing off Harnett’s beautifully soothing and amazingly angelic voice along with Col3trane’s just as beautiful vocals.

Showing what great chemistry the two have, while also making what was already a beautifully great record even greater and giving us such a beautifully smooth and amazing record we all need right now in the current times we are all facing.  The very beautifully romantic and cinematic new visuals really truly helping bring the beautifully romantic and hopeful record even more to life.