Jean Deaux Drops Very Sexy & Colorfully Fun New Video, Anytime ft. Kehlani & ROMderful

Over two months after dropping her latest EP, Empathy, and a week before that dropping its very sweet and Summer ready lead single, Anytime, Chicago singer and songwriter, Jean Deaux, finally gives us the accompanying new video as well.

Self-directed by her, it’s well worth the wait.  The visual for the record that features Kehlani and ROMderful, really helping bring the record for one of my favorite records of the Summer and of the past few months truly to life.  Opening up with Jean on a video chat with the male lead, who’s a photographer, discussing ideas for both the video and a photo shoot, before pulling up in a fly whip and coming out dressed to the nines in a sexy all black dress with a white fur coat.

The Chicago native sings the very sweet and playfully sexy lyrics, as she exits the car and walks down the street.   Jean then being shot in various sexy outfits ranging from a red bra like top and sleeves with black shorts and thigh-high top black boots, as well as a satin all-white lingerie outfit and matching thigh-high top all-white heels by a photographer over various colorful backdrops.  As she sings the very suggestively playfully sexy lyrics over the smooth backdrop about her lover being able to get her love quite appropriately, anytime.

Jean playfully tempting and seducing the male lead in the visual before Kehlani comes in trying to also seduce with her own playfully suggestive and tempting lyrics.  Kehlani giving off very sexy dominatrix vibes in her all black leather dominatrix-like outfit.  Plus the way the whole visual plays out like an actual story and with the plot twist at the end you have to watch to see is really quite brilliant.