Jessie Reyez Premieres Emotionally Beautiful New Video For Triumphant New Single, Love In The Dark

On the heels of her recent Grammy Award nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album at this Sunday, Jan. 26th’s 62nd annual Grammy Awards and also revealing the cover art and release date of March 27th for her highly-anticipated debut album, Before Love Came To Kill Us, a couple of days ago.  Very talented singer and songwriter, Jessie Reyez, returns today with the premiere through Vevo of her very emotionally beautiful and amazingly stunning new Se Oh-directed video for her very emotionally triumphant new single, Love In the Dark.

A very emotionally triumphant record that finds Reyez pouring out all her soul and passionately triumphant emotions with her just as triumphantly passionate and powerful vocals about all the emotions that love brings, even in the dark.  The just as triumphant and soulfully emotional production perfect to really bring out the triumphantly passionate and emotional lyrics we can all relate to about love, so beautiful, it will either bring you to tears or dang near bring you to tears.  While the very stunningly beautiful and aesthetically stunning visuals really bring this already beautifully stunning, triumphant and heavenly soul bearing record to life in a way that leaves you dang near speechless.

Reyez having the following to say about the inspiration for the new visual/record, “I wrote this during a really sad time in my life, I remember crying.  I hope people understand how vulnerable it’s.”

The very talented Columbian, but Canadian-born singer and songwriter has really made a name for how vulnerable, open and honest, she’s on most of her records.  So it should be no surprise such is the case with this one as well or that according to a recent press release on her new album.  The following was said about the album, “It’s an album that spans 15 tracks full of endearing tales of love, loss, and life’s tribulations.”

The new single and video also proving once again why Jessie is easily without a doubt one of the best singers and songwriters out right now that just keeps getting better and better with each new song/record she releases.  Which is also why she’s easily among mine and so many others favorite artists period right now and her album so anticipated.