KXNG CROOKED Is Out To Kill All, You Busta’s, On Newest Weekly

We may only have just a week and a half left in the year and till the new decade, but that isn’t stopping KXNG CROOKED from killing any and every instrumental he touches.  The Long Beach emcee sounding sharper with each new week and with only one more edition of The Weeklys left after today’s newest edition, you would think he would fall off.

Not the case though, as with today’s newest Dizz-produced flip of Busta Rhymes classic, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, for Week 51 Crook gives one of his best lyrical displays and performances of not only this year, but of his career.  Letting it be known he’s out to kill all of you busta emcees on the mic for the appropriately titled, You Busta.   With such lines as, “When I’m in the room I make lyricist dig deeper.  Open they notebook look over they shoulder and see the Grim Reaper.  People done stole my rhymes so many times.  I done heard my lines in nine battle raps and ten features.  Six Funk Flex freestyles, hold it now.  Rappers y’all be calling the GOAT be using a stolen style.  From the golden child.”  Once again proving why bar-for-bar there’s lyrically no one alive that’s really touching him and why he’s not only arguably the greatest lyricists and emcee alive, but arguably one of the best of all-time period.  Arguably even should be in more GOAT discussions than he is.