KXNG CROOKED Drops New Album, Gravitas, Is, Better Late Than Never, On Newest Weekly

Long Beach emcee, KXNG CROOKED, shows that even despite their only being two editions of The Weeklys left after today’s newest edition with Week #50, that wouldn’t slow him down anytime soon.  He will continue to deliver new music even despite that.  As proof from his new collaborative album, Gravitas, he released earlier today with longtime Wu-Tang Clan affiliated producer, Bronze Nazareth.  Crook delivering his third to last weekly on this Friday the 13th with the very hard and brilliant Dizz-produced flip of Twista & Buk of Psychodrama’s classic unofficial Chicago anthem, Adrenaline Rush.  For the appropriately titled, Better Late Than Never.

Which has the LBC rep sounding as hungry as ever and showing off how he can do the multi-syllable and double-time flow as good as anyone.  Proving yet again why he’s arguably the illest lyricists and emcee alive with all the different styles and flows he can show off and still lyrically destroy anyone on the mic.  That will have you continually rewinding to try to catch what he spit.  Crook also showing why he’s one of only a select few who could do a flip of The Legendary Traxster-produced track as much justice as the original emcees did.