Yuna & Little Simz Get Animated, Bring Color Back To World In Very Creative New Video, Pink Youth

Malaysian Pop artist and among our favorite artists here at TheHipHopDemocrat, Yuna, is getting set to release her highly-anticipated fourth solo album, Rogue, in a little over a week and a half on July 12th. So to help prepare for the albums upcoming release, Yuna, recently debuted the very creatively heroic and empowering new Esteban Valdez-directed video for the very upbeat and empowering latest single, Pink Youth.

The visual for the Little Simz featured record finds both Yuna and Simz getting animated, as they portray literal superheroes trying to save the world to bring color and hope back to the world in the mostly black-and-white clip.  Conceptualized by both Yuna and Adam Sinclair, who previously directed her very cinematically brilliant G-Eazy featured Blank Marquee video, which she released a little over a month and a half ago.  The latter still being one of our favorite visuals of the year so far.

Yuna having the following to say in a statement about the song, “When I was writing ‘Pink Youth’, I wanted to celebrate being a girl.  When I was younger, I remember a lot of people didn’t believe in me just because I was girl trying to do something amazing… this song is for all the girls out there, who never got the encouragement & support they deserve.”

While Yuna and Sinclair came up with the very creatively brilliant concept for the new visual for, Pink Youth, it was Valdez, who both directed and edited this amazing new clip.  With Carl Jones and Brian Ash, who both previously did work on, The Boondocks and Black Dynamite, executive produced it.  You can see as you watch the very amazingly creative new visual below why it was truly brought to life in a way it couldn’t have been unless it was animated and done by this team.

Yuna and the whole team really truly helping bring that heroic and empowering message of the song for girls to life in a way that truly shows what a great true to the core artist the singer is.  Always having not only great music, but concepts, visuals and artistically great ideas, you can see why she’s among our favorite artists here at the site and are really looking forward to her new album as one of our most anticipated of the year.

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