KXNG CROOKED Has A, Fatal Attraction, On Newest Weekly

Continuing his weekly assault of numerous instrumentals, KXNG CROOKED, returns with Week 25.  Where over the Dizz-produced flip of Sean Price & Agallah’s GTA III collaboration, Rising To The Top, he tells the story of a relationship that’s complicated and really a fatal attraction on the appropriately titled, Fatal Attraction.

This latest edition of The Weeklys showing the LBC lyricists not only great lyricism, but his very great and nearly untouched, yet still somehow underrated storytelling abilities as an emcee.  Dropping such dope storytelling lyrics as, “How many of you ever seen crazy in action?  The windows of my navy Mercedes was smashed in.  How can you love someone you hate with a passion?  How can you miss somebody you avoid daily?  Like my peace of mind ain’t been destroyed lately.  Maybe I should call her up, let her erupt like volcanoes.  She like to talk a lot of s**t, acting all anal.  We be going back and forth like a padal ball, no.  I ain’t mad at all, cause’ the p***y fire and matching some p***y as fire as Prince’s entire catalog.  Make you grant her wishes and desires like a Dragonball.”  That great storytelling ability which he doesn’t always show that shows his great versatility is why he’s among my favorite emcees at the moment and has been for the last decade or so plus.