KXNG CROOKED Drops Several Jewels On Newest Weekly, Jewelry Business

Nearly halfway through the year and KXNG CROOKED doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Continuing to absolutely destroy any and every instrumental he touches with each new edition of The Weeklys and drop several jewels in the process.  This time flipping the Lil Troy classic, Wanna Be A Baller, with the Dizz-produced, Jewelry Business, for Week 23.

Continuely proving why bar-for-bar there’s lyrically no one alive that’s really touching him and how he almost always drops jewels that you may not always catch when you first listen.  Crook drops several jewels on this newest weekly.  With such bars as, “I’m in the jewelry business.  I got jewels for y’all, if a dummy become a student even fools evolve.  I got news for y’all, I drop clues for y’all.  A lot of tools involved and you can use them all.  See I got it from the mud to get to this here slot.  Family talking behind my back.  I ain’t talking about he say, she say.  Naw I was in earshot, but I fear not cuz I had a fierce plot.”