Mila J Drops Very Fun & Playful New EP, May 2018

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Mila J has dropped a new EP, every month of 2018 and with her latest, May 2018, which she dropped a few weeks ago to close out the month of May, the singer looks like she wouldn’t be slowing down anytime soon.  This latest one sounding like it’s the most fun and free-spirited of the five so far.

Aside from the opening record, Keep the Change, it isn’t as much about love or relationships, as the first four projects were.  As records like, That One Friend, No Rhythm and Pump, being more playful and fun type songs.  No Rhythm a real standout about having no rhythm and trying to do like the lyrics suggest, “And do the dance, do the dance, cause you don’t need no rhythm for that.”  It’s definitely a song I can see Mila going back to her roots of dance and doing a greatly choreographed fun and playful matching video to really bring the record truly to life.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see many dancers or just fans making up their own dances and or videos of them dancing to it as well.

Pump is yet another very standout playful fun song from Mila, which finds her singing about hitting the gym to get that cake men will always stare at.  Later admitting it’s really cause she really maybe in love with her trainer and that’s why she continues to, “I just want to feel, feel the pump.”  This is yet another record where I can see the L.A. native giving yet another very playfully fun and hilarious fun video with her pumping or doing some type of training involving pumping in a gym to really bring the song to life.  This is definitely also one where I can see a lot of fans making some type of their own fun videos to with them even doing something in the gym.

Like with her previous EP’s she’s dropped so far, Mila once again closes with MIGH-X as the lone feature on, How Did We Get Here.  A song about a love he let get away and that he doesn’t understand how he let get away, after seeing her out with another man.  But he doesn’t want to accept seeing.

While this EP isn’t timeless or a classic like most of the L.A. natives other EP’s have been so far, it’s still yet another solid project I see going back to a few times.  Especially records like No Rhythm and Pump, which I could see playing a lot of times throughout the rest of my lifetime.  This new EP also showing the versatility Mila still has and can still make the fun and playful records we heard on a lot of her very first projects like M.I.L.A. and 213.  I’m definitely glad to see her go back to that sound and not be just all about love.  Hopefully her finding a very good mix of both on future projects too.