Jorja Smith Releases Beautifully Emotional New Black-and-White Video, For, Blue Lights

The very beautifully gorgeous and talented, Jorja Smith already released a video for her very first ever single, the very beautifully emotional, Blue Lights, when she first released it a little over two years ago.  But with her very highly-anticipated debut album, Lost & Found, set to release in a little over a month on June 8th, which is also a few days before her 21st birthday on June 11th, Jorja decides to re-release what is still easily not only her best record to date, but possibly one of the best I ever heard with how beautifully emotional and relatable it’s and also in the process just a little over an hour ago premiering through Vevo a new just as emotionally beautiful black-and-white Olivia Rose-directed video for the record.  This time the visual not having the singer herself in it like the first one she released a little over a couple of years ago for the breakout single, but various men and boys in her hometown of Walsall, including some everyday faces such as her father, the boys who inspired the song, the owner of the restaurant where she had her first performance, among the many for the all-male/boys cast.  Which allows the video to show how beautifully emotional and touching true to life the rawness of the lyrics are for so many families and what they are currently going through now or at different points in their life that really helps it hit home.  Even for Jorja as well with how authentically it relates back to her growing up in and being filmed in a lot of the locations she grew up in around the area, such as the restaurant and the local park she grew up to hang out in as a teenager.