Styles P Announces Release Date For New Album, Drops New Single, Heat Of The Night

Styles P last night dropped a new single, Heat of the Moment and announced the release date for his new album, G-Host.  A very unapologetically raw straight pure Hip-Hop record, which features a very smooth hook from Coby over the piano-driven instrumental that’s sure to make it a Spring and Summer favorite as the weather finally starts to warm up.  It’s also the lead single from SP’s new solo album, which is expected to drop in just a little over two weeks on May 4th and his first solo album since 2015.  Don’t get things wrong he’s stayed busy with releases from his group, The L.O.X. and quite a few loosies since than, but just hasn’t dropped an official new solo album since.

Pinero saying the following to Complex in a statement about the new record, “Heat of the Night’ is that raw unapologetic Hip-Hop that is bound to hit you in the gut make your head nod hard and your face scrunch up.