New Artist Spotlight – Austin Fillmore with Don’t Hate Me

It’s been awhile since we did one of our new artist spotlights, actually dating back to November of last year.  But today me and the rest of the team here at TheHipHopDemocrat, decided to bring back yet again our very popular New Artist Spotlight for the first time in 2018.  This time highlighting one of our hometown Chicago’s rising sure to be great new talents, Austin Fillmore, who just dropped his very amazing new single, Don’t Hate Me.

A very sexy new record that has the normally R&B based singer, showing off his very pop heavy appeal too.  As over the very electronic-type background drums and flutrs of the sexy mid-tempo Drew Damen-produced record, Fillmore gives the perfect mix of Alternative, R&B and Pop, which perfectly targets the ladies.  As with the 80’s sexy feel good constant mid-tempo feel, he takes you through the several roller coaster of emotions one can go through when they’re in love.  As he sings about how not to hate him through it all.

The very catchy chorus of, “Don’t Hate Me for the reason, don’t hate me for the reasons, don’t hate me for the reasons, I’m myself,” showing how he can really capture and keep the listener’s ear.  The very experimental out of this world record, really having you envision all that Austin is going through, as he sings in a tempo that’s truly not from this era and way ahead of its time, which we will going back to in a few years, saying hey this is where this very amazing great trendsetting sound first started.  He’s definitely in a league of his own and don’t say we didn’t warn you when he blows up in a few years.