Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato Drop Gorgeous New Video For Their, Song of The Summer, No Promises, New Stripped Down Version

Two and a half weeks after dropping the beautifully gorgeous new stripped-down version of their smash hit, Song of The Summer, No Promises, Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato, give us today, the just as beautifully gorgeous, new video for the new updated version of the record.

The new version of the song helping the group and Demi break Top 10 at Pop Radio this week, the new video, which was premiered earlier today through W Magazine, finds the band re-cutting the original music video into slowed down black and white frames to match perfectly with the slowed down version of the song and really bringing the new version to life.

When you watch you can really see it too and the bandmembers playing various various live instruments, really showing the true beauty and art in the new stripped-down version of the song.  So much so, it even had Demi, crying “tears of joy,” when she first heard the new acoustic version band member, Matt said.