Paypaman Drops New Banger, B.O.P., Getting Set To Release New Project, The Books

First starting in popular Chicago Hip-Hop group, Project Mayhem years ago and originally going by just Paypa, the Chicago emcee, who was once a part of the group that popularized Lo’ Sweatas is back with a brand new banger of a single in B.O.P. and a new moniker.  Now going by Paypaman, the Chicago emcee is back to show he’s one of the best in the CHI with this new track that describes Chicago’s famed “Ballin or Politickin” culture.  As over the dark and street centered Xcel Beats-produced backdrop, Paypaman declares his boss status by spitting such clever metaphors comparing himself to such greats as Jay Z, John Kennedy, Scottie Pippen, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook and Bill Clinton to name a few.  Bringing a street centered unique edge that has been mostly missing in Chicago Hip-Hop, Paypaman vividly describes how tough his lifestyle is too and when you listen to the record evokes memories of such legendary Gangsta Rap acts as N.W.A., Twista, Do Or Die and Pyschodrama.

Paypaman is also getting ready to release his upcoming new project, The Books, so look for this and more of that unique street certified centered edgy rap that the great Chicago Hip-Hop of the 90’s was really truly built on.

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