New Video Vic Mensa – 16 Shots

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of the tragic shooting of a teenaged Laquan McDonald at the hands of a Chicago police officer on Chicago’s Southside and to commerate the event fellow Southside Chicago raised native, Vic Mensa premieres his powerful new Ace Norton-directed video for 16 Shots.  The visual for the lead single and one of the standout records from Mensa’s EP, There’s A Lot Going On, which was released back in June, 16 Shots is a protest record inspired by the events of the 17-year-old McDonald’s shooting and all the controversy that surrounded the whole situation, still even somewhat till today.  In the new video the roles are somewhat reversed in a way too with Vic facing off against police officers in different situations, as camera footage of Laquan McDonald is being interspersed throughout and shows what may have happened if those shots were either never taken or Laquan survived them.  You can watch below through TIDAL the new visuals, which help spread awareness to the ever growing problems with police brutality today and especially in certain areas, like the Southside of Chicago.  Some of which is still going on today with the video originally set to premiere at a Justice for Laquan Rally at Chicago’s Millenium Park before it was shut down by police.  Know that Vic and many others will not let Laquan’s name be put in vain and to be rembered as someone more than this thug they painted him out to be like they do so many others.

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